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Location : Juba, South Sudan

About Us


Passion for the Needy (PFN) is a non-profit making National Organization. Its office is located in HaiBakindo adjacent to Mikese University in Yambio County Western Equatoria State. The organization initially started as an initiative in 2014 by early childhood orphans who turned out successful adult, inspired by their own childhood experiences and motivated by the invaluable support received from the catholic missionaries, they felt indebted to any vulnerable person whom they could be of help to through a nonprofit making organization. Following consultations with opinion leaders and technical individuals PFN was formally registered in December 2018 as a national organization with Relief and Rehabilitation Commission in Juba, South Sudan.
Passion For the Needy (PFN) is one of the national humanitarian organizations, committed to helping families amongst the most vulnerable communities to improve their lives and reduce poverty and suffering. PFN was founded in 2018 to provide relief to survivors of the long war of liberation, those affected by the Lord Resistance Army, the Amboro from Chad and Central Africa, and the current Socio-Political and Economical crises in the country. In a short span of time Passion for the Needy has quickly become a trusted vehicle for the compassion and generosity to hundreds of thousands of persons in Western Equatoria.

Our Objective

To support the orphans, most vulnerable children and people by meeting their basic needs while empowering them to lead a meaningful life. To deliver its much needed services to elevate sufferings and realize the aspiration of the needy and vulnerable people in the two states of Gbuduwe and Tambura, PFN intends to: Continue with efforts of community participation and mobilization Partner with international and national NGOs and other interested groups Seek donor support from different donor sources like the UN community, the foreign missions, donor organization like DFID, USAID, JICA, UKAID etc Indeed we at PFN are wholeheartedly appreciative and thankful for the generous and immense support that our communities continue to receive from the donor community and other foreign sources and local well wishers. We encourage and believe in the power and doctrine of giving, specially giving out of LOVE. Our humble motto is Let Love Lead. We acknowledge the national, state and local government efforts as the core services provider to the people and therefore our objective is to supplement government efforts in collaboration with its competent structures and levels.

People do not only become self-sufficient but also more resilient to future realities, shocks, trends and the un foreseen situation in (Society) South Sudan. Aware of the fact that women and children suffer most and disproportionately from poverty, PFN places special emphasis on working with children, youth, Women, elderly people and Orphans to create social change through community-based efforts to improve Basic Education, protection and Nutrition. To prevent the spread of HIV, increase access to Clean Water and Sanitation, expand Economic empowerment and enhance Agronomic practices. through Food security and livelihood programs.